Flash: ON   August 21, 2014 

Come spend time with us...

There's a Place for YOU!

Pastor Mike Cole
Prayer Time:
  9:00 am
Sunday School:  9:30 am
Fellowship: 10:30 am
Blended Worship: 11:00 am

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Missions will be starting an
"Intercessory Prayer Night."

This is an opportunity for people who feel led to come and lift others in prayer
or if you feed a need, you can come and have others pray with you and for you.

We will meet each Wednesday, from 7-8pm, in the church library.

There is a Prayer Journal in the Celebration Center
where You can write your prayer requests.
We will pray for each entry during the hour of prayer.

Please join whoever is able to attend - There may be ten, there may be less,
there may just be you.

God will put who He needs there.



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