Flash: ON   April 25, 2014 

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Pastor Mike Cole
Prayer Time:
  9:00 am
Sunday School:  9:30 am
Fellowship: 10:30 am
Blended Worship: 11:00 am

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Our Journey to Jerusalem

This coming Sunday we will continue "Our Journey to Jerusalem,"
a presentation of scripture through dramatic narrative.
This form of preaching is used to connect you more directly
with scripture and the characters within.

Each week you will have the opportunity to meet different characters
and see scripture presented through drama.
Our hope is not for a good show..Rather, it is our hope
that scripture will come alive for you through the dramatic narrative.
We want to encourage you to invite friends and family to come
and witness a presentation of the gospel in a new way.

Spotlight on Ministry

We have begun!  We have just had our first two Strategic Planning meetings!
Our next meeting will be at 4pm May 4 and YOU are invited!
We are seeking input and ideas for a 1-2 year plan and a 3-5 year plan
in the following areas:

 Our goal is to become intentional in those ministry areas!!
Come and you too can be part of our look into the future.

These six areas have been idenfied as our primary focus for two reasons;
1. We already see God at work in these areas and we seek to join Him in that work.
2. Out of Council's extensive study and prayer these six were considered to be the most pressing.

This planning will take payer, commitment and time to establish. we seek your input as we look to the future! Join us for a great time of discussion and planning.
See Pastor Mike for the strategic plan sheets (they are in the holder by his office)!

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