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Pastor Mike Cole
Prayer Time:
  9:00 am
Sunday School:  9:30 am
Fellowship: 10:30 am
Blended Worship: 11:00 am

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The Lynch family is excited to return to serve at the Word of Life Hungary Bible Institute!  This year there will be upwards of 65 students from 15 different countries who will come to study God’s word and gain practical ministry experience.  They will become the future pastors, lay leaders, and faithful servants of the Lord.
Matthew’s role in the Dean’s department is ministering to the students and serving in the day-to-day responsibilities of the Bible Institute. This will range from mentoring young men, devotions, fellowships, service and ministry assignments, etc.

Bridget will be leading the English program. She is also very excited to be mentoring young ladies in their Christian walk.

The opportunities do not end there however. Word of Life Hungary is also very active in open air evangelism on the streets of Budapest, Bible Clubs, local church and school ministries, summer camps, sing and sports ministries, Gypsy ministry… the list goes on and on!

The link to support the Lynch family is: www.matthewlynch.wol.org



Its time for a new
Pictorial Church Directory!

It's been a few years since our last photo directory
and my how our church family has changed!
We have lost some cherished members
and added many new ones.

We invite all who call
First Baptist Perry "My church"
to come and be included in Our Family Portrait. 

Our dates for photography are the following:
     Tuesday, Oct. 14,                            2:00-8:30 pm
     Wednesday, Oct. 15,                        2:00-8:30 pm
     Thursday, october 16,                      2:00-8:30 pm

Every family photographed will receive
a Complimentary 8x10 portrait and a directory.
Additional photos may be purchased
 however, there is no obligation.

We need volunteers to help with the sign-up
and registration process for our families.

If you are willing to help,please call the church office
440-259-2111, and leave a message.





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