Flash: ON   September 2, 2014 

Come spend time with us...

There's a Place for YOU!

Pastor Mike Cole
Prayer Time:
  9:00 am
Sunday School:  9:30 am
Fellowship: 10:30 am
Blended Worship: 11:00 am

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The Lynch Family Mission

"Our heart has never left Hungary"

You are invited to join the Lynch family in their journey back to Hungary! The Lynch family is preparing for their return to:

Open air evangelism, metoring young men and women, Bible clubs for kids' summer camps, sports ministry, Gypsy ministry...and that's just a little of what the Lynch family does!

What do the Lynch's need to return to the mission in Hungary? "A team of committed monthly financial supporters who will partner with the Lynch's."

Stop and ask Matt or Bridget about Hungary!

Partner with them in prayer!! And then partner with them with a monthly financial commitment...

See Matt or Bridget for commitment forms (check on the welcome center too). Barb Lagania as Missions chair can get them for you, too.

E-mail the Lynch's: lynchfaith@gmail.com
Partner with them financially:www.matthewlynch.wol.org
Follow them: www.lynchfaith.blogspot.

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